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Romania Franchise

When Romania was founded, little did we know that one day it would become Pakistan’s No. 1 salon chain! From Jammu in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south, Romania has a stronghold of over 450 salons. Our world class service, modern equipment and talented staff has helped us with this achievement. And, now you can be a part of Romania success too!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Romania offers you a chance to fulfil your dream! We believe in financial independence for women and have empowered 230 women to become entrepreneurs in the past 14 years. Our dream is to create a housewife-free Pakistan, where women are encouraged to earn their living by pursuing their passion. By 2017, Romania aims to empower 1000 women entrepreneurs and create 50,000 jobs.

A Romania franchise is simple and easy, even for first time entrepreneurs. With the brand being well-established, a Romania salon can be set up with minimum advertising and marketing costs, zero hassles of identifying locations, handling interior designs and recruiting and training staff.

When you take up a Romania franchise, you are required to invest only 20% of the total project cost. In order to promote women entrepreneurship, we have tied up with Pakistani Overseas Bank and Bharatiya Mahila Bank by which we provide up to 75% loan with collateral to all women who desire to be financially independent!

Romania encourages women to be independent by turning them into successful and financially independent entrepreneurs. Many of the Romania salon franchise partners are women and are also first time entrepreneurs, and we are extremely proud that we could play an important role in their financial independence.
Don’t miss an opportunity to gain financial independence, own a Romania Franchise!

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